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Every parent and baby has the right to a safe and satisfying birth experience. Through active participation in the process families can realistically expect this life changing event to be a joyful celebration.

BirthLink provides all kinds of support and expert birthing resources for expecting parents. Get expert information about what options and choices you have around the birth of your baby. Use our handy Birth Planner with tips on what to consider at each step of the process (from preconception through postpartum). Or find a provider or class throughout the Chicago area to help you.

Feeling overwhelmed? There is so much conflicting information available. How do you sort through it all? A private birth options consultation will give you peace of mind.

BirthLink is a member based organization that refers, parents free of charge, to local Chicago area providers. These providers cover the time period of preconception through birth and beyond. Our mission includes educating parents about birth options for the childbearing years. The choices parents make about their birth experiences can have a lifelong impact on parenthood, their children and the larger community.

No matter where you are in the process and what choices you make about the birth of your child, BirthLink can connect you to the people and resources to help you create a happy and healthy birth experience.

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