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Guidelines for Using the Birthing Provider Directory

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When choosing to work with any practitioner, including doctors, you must check their qualifications and references. You also generally need to interview several people before you choose someone in order to find the best fit for you. You'll save time and energy if you can identify your needs and desires before you begin searching. People seeking nonintervention-oriented births or natural childbirth need to choose a practitioner (such as Chicago area midwives) that will support this option or else they will be unlikely to achieve their goal. It's important to pay special attention to what the practitioner's philosophies and practices are. We recommend that you interview at least 2 - 3 providers before making your decision.

Orchestrating support for your pregnancy, labor and birth is a learning process. We recommend you welcome this opportunity as part of the experience of becoming a parent. Keep in mind that people listed in this directory pay to be members of BirthLink. Their level of commitment to non-intervention oriented birth, uninterrupted bonding and breastfeeding will vary. (Members may be listed more than once. They are listed alphabetically.)

Remember that BirthLink is also about a wellness model for health care. This means taking a proactive approach to chronic health challenges so that you have many options for treatment. A preventative approach means seeking some type of treatment while you are well. If you are having health problems listen to your body and take action. Our Chicago childbirth practitioners and resource directory has many practitioners who practice in ways that support your natural healing abilities. Not sure what direction to go in? Let us know. We can help direct you.

Disclaimer: This information is presented by BirthLink Ltd for the sole purpose of disseminating general health information for the public benefit. The information contained in or provided through this publication is intended for general consumer understanding and education only and is not intended to be, and is not provided as, a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. This publication and any information provided are not intended to constitute the practice of, or furnishing of, medical, nursing or professional health care advice, diagnosis, consultation, treatment or services in any jurisdiction. Always seek the advice of your midwife, physician, nurse or other qualified health care provider before you undergo any treatment or for answers to any questions you may have regarding any medical condition.

Privacy Policy: This directory is for the use of parents who are interested in securing birthing and wellness services and for BirthLink members for networking purposes only. Under no circumstances is this directory to be used in any form to compile e-mailing lists or for any purpose of solicitation as it is protected by legal venues. For information on list rental please contact BirthLink.




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