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As women, we often don't fully appreciate our fertility and what a powerful gift it is. Our fertility cycle is approximately thirty years. There are several major events in a woman's life when fertility gets noticed. The first is when we decide to become sexually active and need to learn how to avoid pregnancy - until it is a welcomed event. The second is when we would like to conceive. The third is when we are at the end of our fertile years and are transitioning into our final phase as the wise woman. The responsibility for birth control usually falls upon the woman. It is most important to fully consider the risks of hormone based options such as the pill. Do your research and make an informed decision. The fertility awareness method is a wonderful way to learn about our bodies and get men involved too.

If you are trying to conceive it is very important to learn about ovulation and when you are actually fertile. If you are approaching the end of your fertility and still haven't tracked and recorded your ovulations, you should consider it. If you still have periods you might want to do this so you can see what is happening as your body changes. It is all very empowering and exciting! It can give us a whole new way of looking at the changes our bodies go through. If after trying to conceive for a year you have had no luck, then look at the least intervention oriented options first. Fertility clinics use very invasive and expensive procedures often with low success rates. Some experts believe that there are many potential risks including cancer. With the internet, information is at your finger tips. Use it to research your options carefully and always use the least intervention oriented options first as they will be safest. Acupuncture can assist in overcoming fertility problems. It is also a great way to prepare for pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding!

See alphabetical listings for Chicago area fertility experts below. Please contact the practitioner directly to schedule an appointment or if you have any questions. Be sure to let them know BirthLink sent you!


"To my patients who are contemplating pregnancy, I suggest that they spend some time meditating and praying together with their partner for guidance around the prospect of having a child. Traditional Tibetan women have always spent time in prayer and meditation before conceiving."
- Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom by Christiane Northrup, MD

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Rae Bouvin DC
Pro-Holistic Care Physical Medicine
Chicago IL
Area Served: Chicago and Suburbs

Offering holistic wellness care for the entire family including primary care, chiropractic, acupuncture, nutrition, massage.  Specialized training in women's health, fertility and holistic pediatrics.  Webster Technique Certified. Pursuing a diplomate from the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association.


Richard Ezgur DC

Progressive Chiropractic Wellness Center

Chicago IL




Area Served: Chicago & Suburbs

We treat women with pregnancy related pain, infertility, breech position, natural labor induction, postpartum depression, women & infant health using chiropractic (Webster technique), acupuncture, homeopathy, massage, physical therapy.  Insurance billed.  Free parking.  Evening & weekend hours.






Peter Harvey LAc MSOM FABORM

Eastern Healing

Wheaton & Joliet IL




Area Served: Western & SW Suburbs

Trained in the U.S and China 1st Teaching Hospital Tian Jin, Infertility, OB/GYN disorders, labor induction, all pain, postpartum care, full family care, full herbal training. Trained in several acupuncture styles. Board certified in reproductive medicine (FABORM). Working closely with most fertility clinics.


Rhonda Kantor RN BSN HNC RYT CCE

Global Yoga  and Wellness Center

Chicago IL
Area Served: Chicago

Yoga Instructor (1996) and Registered Nurse (1991): Yoga Teacher Training completed from the Temple of Kriya Yoga. Owner/Director of Global Yoga Center specializing in Prenatal Yoga, Mom/Baby yoga, Couples Birth & Childbirth education classes. Director of Hatha Yoga and Prenatal Yoga teacher trainings.








The Nest
Chicago IL
Area Served: Chicago

The Nest is a specialized acupuncture practice focused on general women's health, fertility, pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum and holistic pediatric care. We are the only acupuncture practice in Chicago offering Childbirth Acupuncture; we actively attend labors/births in both home and hospital settings. 



Life Seaons Wellness