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Birth Planner


Your Perinatal Options:
Knowledge is Power
When you are planning a family and having children you are in a wonderfully transformative and gratifying stage of life. Unfortunately many women's experience of this time is complicated by fear, confusion and feelings of helplessness. Women often talk about this powerful period as something they want to get over with as quickly as possible—this is a tremendous loss. The childbearing years can be a cherished and empowering phase instead of an anxious and painful one.

We are complex creatures comprised of body, mind and spirit. Nowhere is this more clearly expressed than during the birthing experience. In examining the western medical model for birth, one quickly realizes that it's often, though not always, primarily concerned with labor and delivery's clinical aspect at the expense of the emotional and spiritual elements. Without verbal and/or touch support the pain and stress can build to the level of unmanageability. Too often our culture's approach to labor and childbirth is cold, non-nurturing, unsafe and negligent of the experiential needs of the emerging parents and child.

Parents who follow BirthLink's simple guidelines often report having glorious and joyful birth experiences. We have been led to trust technology over our own human wisdom and it takes time and engagement to see past that to a path that feels both positive and nurturing. The resources are available and easily accessible to create a personalized birth team and birth plan that respects the parents' and the baby's journey into their next phase of life. It's my hope that BirthLink can help as many people as possible find their way to this accessible goal.

Best Birth Wishes,
Jo Anne Lindberg MEd ABT


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