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Jo Anne Lindberg, president and founder of BirthLink, offers private consultation for couples. You may ask why you might need that? Many parents realize that there is a great deal to learn. Most start their journey during pregnancy and have nine months or less to educate themselves. Client-focused guidance and direction ensure the quality of care you receive by helping you make informed decisions.

Even considering having a child is an act of parenting. After conception the impending birth becomes more real. Determining where and with whom to give birth are parenting decisions. Making these decisions together, as a couple, is an opportunity to begin bonding. Having a consultation is an enjoyable way to explore your many options.

Who you choose as a primary care practitioner and where you deliver will have a significant impact on your experience. With many years of experience in the Chicago birth community, Jo Anne knows many of the practitioners personally. She is also aware of their practice philosophies, including the culture and political climate of hospitals. Regardless of where you live, Jo Anne can assist you in your decision-making process and connecting with your local birth community.

There are many factors that influence what kind of birth you will have. While it is impossible to control the birth process, Jo Anne can assist you in having a more positive experience by choosing the best possible match. Finding practitioners that you can trust is a critical part of the consultation. Information you gather will give you confidence in selecting a provider that is right for you. During a consultation you will feel comfortable and have ample time to ask all of your questions. Not sure what kinds of questions to ask? Visit our FAQ section to find examples of some of the many questions that you will want to ask.

This comprehensive consultation will guide you through the entire birth process and beyond. Our goal is for parents to have a happier, healthier birth experience. With c-section rates at 30% nationally, and some local hospitals higher, this is just one reason why parents need to educate themselves.

Reasons Parents Choose to Have a Birth Consultation

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Parenting begins the instant a couple realizes they are pregnant. She can help you decide if a consultation is right for you by calling 847-733-8050 or click here to email. Skype is available for consultations.

Jo Anne Lindberg in the NewsJo Anne Lindberg

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