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About BirthLink®About BirthLink

Founded in 1996 by Jo Anne Lindberg, BirthLink has provided thousands of referrals to services that support and guide parents' efforts to build strong, healthy families. BirthLink members subscribe to the values of parents' rights including undisturbed nonintervention-oriented childbirth, breast feeding and uninterrupted immediate infant bonding. We also promote the midwifery model of care.

Keep in mind that most of our practitioners offer their services to people of all ages and stages. The wellness model for care considers the health concern and then matches it to the least intervention oriented type of practitioner.

Not sure how to do this? We can help in two ways.

Call to see if we can refer you to a practitioner

or if you need a wellness consultation.

Our organization is supported through membership. Both parents and providers are members of BirthLink. Through creating a community of service providers connecting with clients, BirthLink seeks to empower families to have healthier, happier births.

Feeling overwhelmed? A private birth consultation, tailored to your needs, could be the answer. Call 847-733-8050. More info >>
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